In 2006's Tour, "Modern" houses from 1895 to 1925 traced the history of 30 years of domestic architecture in Irvington    

Click the address or photo for details of each home and building on the Tour

1803 NE Thompson St

One of Irvington's signature bungalows lovingly maintained for 95 years.

Nicolai-Cake-Olson House*
1903 NE Hancock St

Emil Schacht's earliest Craftsman Style design that set the trend for a generation of Irvington homes
1908 Klickitat St

A beautifully detailed 1920's Colonial turned into a haven for art and music
Governor Chamberlain House*
1927 NE Tillamook St

One of Irvington's oldest and most historic homes, bridging Colonial and Victorian styles

1934 NE Hancock St

Eclectic Victorian style artistically adapted for modern living -- and displaying mementos of a father's Hollywood stardom

Henry B. Dickson House*
2123 NE 21st Ave

Ellis Lawrence's creative genius displayed in this "Perfect Type of New England Architecture"
Robert F. Lytle House*
1914 NE 22nd Ave

Now known as the Portland White House Bed & Breakfast Inn -- our Tour-Day headquarters.

2538 NE 21st Ave

Absolutely classic Craftsman 4-Square -- and absolutely beautifully restored.

The Irvington Tennis Club
2131 NE Thompson St

A community institution since 1905 -- and for this year's Tour, and venue for a lecture on the Architects of Irvington.
  New in 2006 was the lecture: Architects of Irvington click here for the on-line version!  

The Irvington Home Tour is a project of the Irvington Community Association to raise funds for local charitable organizations and community improvement projects.  For a list of the recipients for the 2006 proceeds, click here.


*  These homes are listed on the National Register of Historic Places and are identified by their historic names as well as their address.