2009 Showed the Great Variety of Historic (and Historically Inspired) Homes in Irvington    

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Colonial Revival Cottage, 1923
1407 NE Brazee St

A Colonial Revival Cottage with a recently updated, spacious and playful interior
Amiss-Smith House, 1907
1831 NE Brazee St
A pioneering Craftsman Style Bungalow designed by the brilliant and outspoken architect Alfred Faber
Coleman-Scott House, 1916*
2110 NE 16th Avenue

One of Irvington's most historic homes -- in the same family since its design in 1916 by the well known architect John V. Bennes
Arthur A. Arend House, 1909
2407 NE 17th Avenue

Classic Craftsman Style home with an eclectic collection of hand made details in the Arts & Crafts tradition

Traditionally Styled Home, 1922/2007
2514 NE 18th Avenue

Dramatically expanded and modernized Colonial Style home dating to 1922, successfully designed to keep to the visual scale and traditional detailing of its Irvington neighbors

Edward Murphy House, 1911/1922
2627 NE Thompson Street

Grandly proportioned Jacobean Style home remodeled by noted architect Joseph Jacobberger in 1922 
J. A. Kallstrom Speculative House, 1933
2714 NE 20th Avenue

Exceptional brick and stone detailing mark this nicely updated example of fine craftsmanship from the Great Depression era
W. G. Lloyd House, 1910
2735 NE 19th Avenue

One of Ellis Lawrence's earlier Craftsman Style designs, enlivened with colorful and creative interior decor

The Irvington Tennis Club
2131 NE Thompson St

A community institution since 1905

Robert F. Lytle House, 1912*
1914 NE 22nd Ave

Now known as the Portland White House Bed & Breakfast Inn -- our Tour-Day headquarters.

The Irvington Home Tour is a project of the Irvington Community Association to raise funds for local charitable organizations and community improvement projects.  For a list of the recipients for the 2009 proceeds, click here.


This home is listed on the National Register of Historic Places Each house is given a name based on the original, historic owner, when known.


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